Hello. My name is J'HEALEE ("Jee Hay Lee"). I am a Transformation Specialist. People ask me what that is. I tell them I am a practical mindfulness and innovation coach. I help people and businesses take the intricate qualities of self-awareness and decision-making, and put them into practical application to innovate everyday life and business.

Most of us want to live a fulfilling life and be successful in work. However, we often repeat patterns of unconscious thought, emotion and behavior that are not aligned with what we truly desire. This can keep us from being as effective as we'd like to be. Changing our attitudes and the way we do things is challenging. With my background in engineering, business and mindfulness, I have a knack for helping my clients with easy practical steps: move away from ineffective patterns, make deliberate decisions, and take effective action. This real-life progress helps my clients transform the way they live and work.

I Come From a practical, problem-solving background with a Yale PhD in electrical engineering. An entrepreneur at heart, I picked up business skills working for startups in New York City as a Chief Technology Officer, a Creative Director and a Business Consultant, before making a life change to recover my health. Fascinated with healing energy and consciousness, I delved deeply into studying, practicing and teaching energy-work and mindfulness as a healer and wellness coach. My pragmatic side led me to bring these new tools to everyday life and business applications.

I Believe that when we live and work truthfully every day, we create ripples of change through our personal and professional spheres, creating a more people- and earth-friendly world. Based in New York City and Seoul, I help people around the globe both digitally and in person with my transnational services wherever needed. I am honored to be part of this movement through helping you discover and fulfill your deepest personal and professional aspirations.