About Me

I feel truly blessed. I love what I do. My work is no longer a job, but an integrated expression of who I am. It took many years. As if all of my education, jobs, and life experiences were part of a special curriculum designed by life—for me to discover who I am and to learn the art of conscious living and creating. Through some tough (even painful at times) and some beautiful classes at this school of life, I have learned to become more open, creative and free.

At each turn of life and career change, I thought I had finally found my path. After several of those, I no longer think so much in that way. Instead, I am enjoying this journey of discovery, serendipity and continuously learning to create my life with all of my skills, interests and love. And every day I meet and work with incredible people, all of us taking steps toward living and working more fully and authentically, and creating ripples of change through our personal and professional worlds.

I'd be honored to help you on your road to a fulfilling life and success at work!

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