Read what our clients have to say...

On Coaching

Through the years, J’HEALEE has helped me make sense of life situations and career questions when all seemed blurred and confused. She has a unique way of looking at things with new and refreshing eyes—and her coaching stays with you forever." —Martina Tomassini, Oxford, U.K.
I truly believe that I would not understand my art, profession, or family as well as I do without J'HEALEE's guidance in both professional development and personal life. I would recommend her to anyone...from struggling artist to Wall Street Executive. " —Greg Day, Art, Greg Day Lighting, Maine
Given multiple work commitments in both the nonprofit and private sectors, including both volunteer and board work, coupled with the usual agenda of family, health, and social issues – life is always relentless and often overwhelming. But J'HEALEE's unique coaching style, which overlays practical applications with mindfulness, helped formulate a streamlined work-flow system that has dramatically increased my capacity to contribute." —K.I., Executive Director, New York City

On Business

Working with J'HEALEE has taught me how to tap into creative energy and vision to work in alignment with our core principles and our most important business priorities. She has helped not only me, but my whole team, to connect more powerfully and authentically with our clients and business partners." —Carol Barash, CEO and Founder of Story2, New York City
J'HEALEE has helped me to organize and propel forward my creative and professional career for over a decade. She brings a common sense, easy to implement, yet mindful approach. She has been a coach, talent manager, agent, business consultant and a true friend. She has integrated all aspects of my life into a coherent whole and has directly contributed to me being a partner in an architecture/architectural lighting firm, a gallery represented professional artist and a happy father of twin boys." —Greg Day, Art, Greg Day Lighting, Maine
J'HEALEE has a rare mixture of intelligence and real-life experiences with sensitivity and great heart. I will not even try to label her as a coach, business advisor, strategic expert, or counsellor because her talent is much more. During Skype coaching sessions, she provided practical advice regarding my business and personal situations, and helped me clarify my goals and objectives and get back my personal balance, self esteem and confidence. Any organization or individual will greatly benefit from her unique skills, personality, energy, experience and wisdom." —Amihud Carmon, CEO of Read and Play Ltd, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Over the years I’ve gone through more time management articles, books, and workshops than anyone I know, in fact I'm constantly seeking ways to do more in less time. But when I look back on all of the previous exposure to productivity tips and techniques, nothing compares to my recent one-on-one session with J’HEALEE. Sitting next to me in my office on a Saturday afternoon, she used her calm yet forceful manner to help re-evaluate my life and business priorities and guide me through a mountain of de-cluttering; I found both exercises transformational." —K.I., Executive Director, New York City

On Hands-on Consulting

The guidance provided by J'HEALEE has improved spectacularly my personal and creative efficiency as well as my professional productivity. It only took a very limited amount of time and my whole existence was enhanced ever since!" —Paola Leone, Ph.D., Philadelphia
J'HEALEE's presence is extremely calming. She has a refreshing and uplifting view on your world. She helps you make entire life makeovers!" —Evey Little Trautman, New York City
J'HEALEE is the ultimate organizer. I consider myself an organized person but she helped me move to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. She can help transform you and your environment!" —Deborah Howard, New York City
I was delighted to see not only how quickly J'HEALEE got my seventeen-year-old daughter involve in transforming and organizing her environment, but how well she "clicked" with a teenager. She helped my daughter take ownership of the process, and left her with a more confident sense of her own power to make decisions and not let it overwhelm her. I would recommend her for people of any age, adult or adolescent." —Susannah Page, New York City

On Wellness &Workshops

As a professional healer, J'HEALEE's healing work and teaching have been one of my greatest influences. She has access to the highest levels of healing—and matches it with rare professional competence. Just speaking to her for a few minutes elevates my vibration and allows me to feel that all is right in the world!" —Dara Salcman, San Francisco
After my energy session with J'HEALEE, I felt like I were gliding. Lighter as though I had been set free from the rock I was chained to. My entire body felt lighter and better. I walked into her place with pain in my back and feet, but I walked out with a bounce as though my sneakers had clouds under them!" —Liz F., New York City
J'HEALEE's energy workshop was an amazing and insightful experience and I have become more aware of my state of being ever since. I highly recommend her as a gentle guide and teacher for anyone to learn about energy in our body and presence." —Margot C., New York City

On Working With J'HEALEE

Her aesthetic eye for space, light, design and form have also been indispensable...she's not just an amazing support person, she's an artist in her own right, too." —Greg Day, Art, Greg Day Lighting, Maine
Working with her was surprisingly quick and efficient. Most importantly, it was loads of fun." —Jean Tang, Brooklyn, New York
She is a pleasure to have around." —Leah Nelson, LMT, Salt Lake City, Utah
She helped me make positive changes in my life in a relatively short period of time." —L.M., New York City

Wondering When To Hire J'HEALEE?

At a time when I felt overwhelmed, J'HEALEE helped me get unstuck and move forward with my life and goals. I think of her as a cosmic personal assistant who combines wisdom with powerful drive and resourcefulness. " —Rachel Raia, Los Angeles
J'HEALEE is a catalyst for greater productivity, inspiration and contentment. Her services make a great gift for anyone who is stuck, in transition or just looking for inspiration." —Rachel Raia, Los Angeles