What I Do

Are YOU –

Passionate about Your Personal Development?
Looking for the Next LEAP?

Let me help you INNOVATE

Your PERSPECTIVES on yourself and your life–



Whoa, wait a minute!
What the heck is an existence model?

Let me show you


How would you draw your existence? Really.


Does it look something like this?


Do you call the potentials that lay outside your physical reality part of your energy, soul, or higher self? Whatever you name it, your potentials are something grander than the physical human.


And you are all about bringing your bright potentials into your life through personal development.

Alright, tell me more…

Does this describe you?

While working on changing your behavioral and thought patterns to improve yourself and your life, you also hold a deep desire for the betterment of the world. You may already be involved with impact-driven activities. Kudos to you!


With technologies advancing rapidly, you are excited about the possibilities, yet at times you feel overwhelmed by the sheer speed of things. And some events in the world trouble you deeply as if things seem to be going backward.


You want to find ways to balance better and center yourself in these changing times.

Well, you’ve got me…
So, do you have something?


For over two decades, I have been most interested in human consciousness–awareness of self–and how shifting my perspectives can change my own experiences even in the same situations. I knew this was the key to living my truth, creating a deeply connected (to myself, my potentials) and fulfilling life.


However, I found many conflicting ideas and patterns within me, making it challenging to practice this at times.


As the engineer in me likes to figure things out and make abstract stuff practical, I delved into making sense of these inner conflicts and came to developing a framework that I use for myself and my clients ☺︎

Hmm, interesting…
What does this framework look like?

You like pictures, too! Thank you for asking~

Here is my fancy stick-figured framework. Please, take a sneak peek! 😉


Spoiler Alert: it’s all about the most important person in your life–YOU ❤️


SELF-CARE is a starting point for BALANCE and CLARITY. It may seem obvious, but it’s not always easy to put yourself first when life’s urgencies or work is begging for your attention. Now in this accelerated time, it’s even harder. And when you finally do take time for yourself, you may feel guilty, creating inner division in you.


Why is it not easy to do things that are important to us? Why do we (or do others make us) feel guilty or divided inside when we take the courage to take care of ourselves? How do we navigate life being with others while being true to ourselves? These are the kind of questions I asked myself and have dedicated the past two decades to finding answers.


Through this step-by-step framework, I help you find your own answers to living your truth!

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